Weber Merritt
For two decades, Weber Merritt founders Jim Weber and Bernie Merritt have provided their clients with the highest value, most effective advocacy campaigns available. Expanding well beyond traditional grassroots and grasstops advocacy, Weber Merritt offers clients full-service communications strategy, media relations, digital advocacy and video production to ensure full and comprehensive campaigns down to the local level. Our team of communicators believes in campaigns driven by strategy with keen attention paid to focus, and efficient use of available client resources.

  • Effective Targeting

    Effective Targeting

    Whether tailoring a message to the media, identifying editorial opportunities, or creating a groundswell of public support for or against a policy initiative, our team understands that effective targeting for local, regional or national audiences is the key to any successful public affairs campaign.
  • Voices from home

    Voices from Home

    Mobilizing local allies builds support, creates demand, motivates policymakers and brings focus and clarity to issues hotly debated by lawmakers and covered by the media. We manage effective field campaigns utilizing our nationwide network of political operatives who know the political landscape, the local community and, most importantly, the people whose opinions matter most - the voices from home - whom policymakers turn to for advice.
  • Campaign Style

    Campaign-Style Approach

    Our team of seasoned campaign communicators offer strategic advice when needed and aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves to get the job done. Our collaborative approach works with you to manage integrated campaigns and ensure that all the tactics in the toolkit are coordinated and work cohesively together.
  • Political Intelligence

    Political Intelligence

    Weber Merritt has a long history of helping clients understand the subtleties of good advocacy campaign targeting. Nothing is more critical to effective targeting than to have complete and current understanding of the politics of any individual state or district. Our partnership with political strategist Jim Ellis ensures that clients get the best targeting counsel available, on a real-time basis.
  • Advocacy Media

    Advocacy Media

    Messages are only effective when they are given to the right audience at the right time, in the right way. The importance of social media has changed integrated marketing. Our digital brand, Advocacy Media develops social media campaigns, digital marketing tools, video and film production, and print advertising and direct mail campaigns.